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CrossFit PHIT has teamed up Lexen Extreme and will be offering more Power style events in the near future! We are known for having the strongest athletes in the area, so it only stands to reason that we would collaborate with such a notorious Powerlifting Organization. It has been a long time in the making (all good things are worth waiting for). Thanks to our good friend Mariah Liggett (15 x world Powerlifting champion) we will be hosting our 1st series of PowerX competitions and Powerlifting clinics. We now have several athletes moving towards a successful competitive Powerlifting career and You don’t want to miss this as a specator, or as an athlete!.
The most exiting news is that we have been accepted into the 2015 Arnold Fitness Expo! In order to compete at the 2015 Arnold Fitness Expo, You must qualify at one of the many up and coming PowerX competitions being hosted here or at Lexen Extreme.



Zercher Squat GymJones

The Zercher squat is perhaps one of the most effective exercises that can be used by athletes of all fitness and strength levels to take their power and muscular development to the next level.

The most basic and raw form of the Zercher Squat is executed by securing a barbell in the crook of the elbows and holding the arms tight against the chest. The movement is performed much the same as the traditional squat – hips back, chest up, head back, deep in the hole.

The primary exception is that the load is taken completely off of the spine therefore the core must be kept exceptionally tight as the barbell has a tendency to pull the lifter forward.

Many athletes use the Zercher Squat to minimize spinal compression, enhance core and hip stability and strength and to provide variation to allow for full body muscular development.

Some have found the Zercher Squat to be uncomfortable, even downright painful, as the deep knurling of the barbell coupled with heavy loads place immense stress on the forearms.

Zercher Squats are uncomfortable
Those who have mastered the Zercher Squat can reap all the benefits that the exercise can offer. In fact, some power athletes and bodybuilders use the Zercher Squat exclusively as their primary strength and muscle building exercise.

While it is never a good idea to rely on one exercise alone, the Zercher Squat allows for tremendous development of the thighs and back while providing the lifter the opportunity to enhance his or her explosive strength and overall level of fitness.

As powerful as the traditional squat and dead lift are in the accumulation of massive amounts of muscle tissue, the Zercher Squat harnesses the best of both worlds and is sometimes considered a squat/dead lift hybrid. By incorporating the Zercher Squat into Strength and conditioning regime, tremendous improvements in strength and muscle development can occur.

This exercise is not for the faint-at-heart. It requires discipline and determination to properly execute the movement as there is a learning curve involved. The highly technical nature of the exercise requires patience and attention to detail and it can take several workouts to begin to feel comfortable with the potentially awkward or painful feel of the bar resting in the crooks of the elbows.




“Partner if applicable”

(1st person) 10- K.B. Swings RX= 50/40
(2nd person) 10- Pull-Up
Continue until the team has reached 200 repetitions

(or individual 100 reps)

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