20 Apr

em>Wednesday April 20,192014

Skill / Strength
**Attention Please be ready to get right to a “specific barbell clean warm-up” as the 20 min time allotment will start right at the top of the hour.
Due to a potentially busy class, the WOD may have to be run in two waves, thus maintaining our Small class size and all important “Coach to Athlete ratio”. – The WOD is 20 Min long.
See everyone tonight!
Thanks Guys!

20-Min to a 1 RM Squat Clean

*Today would be the day to attempt a PR. Once you have established your heaviest weight, if there is remaining time, work on single reps at around 95% of that weight..

WOD: (Repeat WOD from 4/20/15)

95/65lb Squat Clean – 30 Seconds
Rest 30 Seconds
95/65lb Shoulder 2 Overhead Press – 30 Seconds
Rest 30 Seconds

10- Rounds

Combined Total For Score

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