13 Jan

em>Wednesday January 13,192014

Is the “RX” Really that important?…Yes, and no.
As a person who truly loves the sport of CrossFit and understands what it takes to be an athlete at the top of this sport, I take the term “Rx” extremely seriously. It’s actually sacred to me. Yep, sacred. Rx or, “as prescribed,” does not only refer to the weights used in a workout, it also refers to movement standards, i.e. hips below parallel on every type of squat; every wallball making contact with its intended target, every pullup showing my chin above the bar and full elbow extension at the bottom; every handstand pushup showing control and balance at the top of the movement…I could write an entire article on standards alone (not a bad idea), but you get my point. When someone comes up to the board and says “Rx” when clearly I know that their workout was not done completely “Rx,” I do my best to not make that person feel bad but still to inform them of what was NOT Rx about their workout. If this has ever been you, do not take offense to this. It is my job as your coach to instill good habits in you, and it is also my job to protect the man or woman working very hard next to you who DID do a fully Rx workout. Just because you did the Rx weight but couldn’t get your hips below parallel on your back squats means that you in fact, did not do an Rx workout. So keep this in mind before you give your coach your WOD score. More importantly, be honest with yourself before the workout begins. If you have been doing CrossFit for a few months or more, you know whats “in your wheelhouse” and whats not. Don’t load the bar if your not positive you can move the RX load. Scale your Pull-Ups if your not sure you can do the 100 Pull-Ups in the WOD..Ect. Be patient, be persistent and the RX will be there when time is right.

Skill / Strength

1- Squat Snatch

EMOM = 30 Min


5-Front Squat
3-Strict Press

12 Min AMRAP

RX= 135/95

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