28 Oct

em>Wednesday October 28,192014

Skill / Strength

1-Hang Squat Snatch
1-Full Squat Snatch

EMOM = 10 Min


With a snatch grip, lift the bar to the standing position. Lower the bar under control to the chosen hang position (most often mid-thigh, knee or right below the knee). Once reaching the hang position, initiate the snatch by pushing against the floor with the legs first. Drive the legs against the floor and extend the hips aggressively, keeping the bar in close proximity to the body and bringing it into contact with the hips as you reach complete extension. After extending, pick up and move your feet into your squat stance while pulling your elbows high and to the sides to move yourself down into a squat under the bar while keeping the bar and your body as close to each other as possible. Punch straight up against the bar overhead as you sit into the squat, stabilize, and recover to a standing position with the bar overhead.


The purpose of the hang snatch can vary depending on its application. It can be an exercise to help teach beginners to snatch that is often easier than lifting from the floor because of the abbreviated movement and the ability to ensure proper positioning and balance at the start of the second pull. As a training exercise, the common purpose is to develop better force production in the extension and more aggressiveness in the pull under due to the limited time and distance to accelerate and elevate the bar. Another purpose is use as a lighter snatch variation for lighter training days (weights naturally limited for most lifters relative to the snatch, and somewhat less work for the legs and back to allow more recovery for subsequent training sessions).


9- Snatch 95/65
7- Burpee
5- Box Hop-Over 24/20

12- Min AMRAP

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