WOD Tuesday 8/25/15

25 Aug

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The front rack position requires wrist flexibility and the ability to keep the elbows up and parallel to the floor while maintaining the weight in the heels(toes up), and the ability to keep the torso upright (chest up) so that the load is carried on the shoulders(not on the collar bone). One trick for a successful front rack position is to start off in the “frankenstein stance” and place your fingertips on the bar while it rests on the shoulders. Oftentimes wrist inflexibility will make it nearly impossible to keep your hands wrapped on the bar while resting the bar on your shoulders (deltoids). Know that in order for the weight to stay on your shoulders in the deep squat,the elbows must be stay UP!

Skill / Strength

10 yd (10 stride) Front Rack Walking Lunge AHAP
5- Front Squat

5 Sets / 20-Min


15- C2B Pull-Up
400M – Run

5- RFT

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