08 Mar

em>Tuesday March 8,192014

**Attention** For those of you that have registered for the “Open” we have designated Friday evenings at 6:00 PM for you to perform the announced workout. 1st come 1st serve, however you still have to let us know you will be doing it at that time so we can make sure to have the judges briefed and equipment staged and prepared. We want it to run as smoothly as possible. If you cannot make that time, IT WILL BE UP TO YOU TO SCHEDULE, AND CONFIRM a time with a coach that better fits into your schedule. If you wait until the weekend, or if you want to “re-do”, there is a high probability you may not get a Coach to be able to help…
Schedule in advance!..Good luck everyone!

Skill / Strength

1- Clean and Jerk
EMOM – 15, Min

Build AHAP


200M Run
20-Box Hop 24/20
15-Alt Pistol Squats
5- Muscle-Up



200M Run
20-Box Hop 24/20
30-Air Squats
10-HR Push-Up
5-C2B Pull-Up


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