WOD TUESDAY 12/15/15

15 Dec

em>Tuesday December 15,192014

Skill / Strength

10-Min to find a 20 Rep Max Bench Press


Max Reps Bench press @ 80% of 20RM
immediately followed by
Max Reps Plyometric Push-Ups

3 set in 10 Min.


10 Round Tabata of: Seated, Band, Fast Twitch French Press
Followed by
10 Round Tabata of: Barbell Isometric Curl Holds

We are getting our New years “cleanse” kits ordered within the next few days. If this is something your interested in doing to start the new year, get yours ordered now, or talk with a trainer for more information..


Choose aerobic element

800M Run
200- Double Unders
500M row
50 Cals A.D.

25- Burpee Wall Ball Shots 20/14

400M Run
150 Double Unders
300M Row
25 Cals A.D.

25- Burpee Box Hops 24/20

200M Run
100 Double Unders
200M Row
15 Cals A.D.

25- Burpee Pull-Up

For Time..

**Don’t Forget to Rock That Ugly Sweater Tomorrow….

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