WOD TUESDAY 11/17/15

17 Nov

em>Tuesday November 17,192014
The Box jump is popular among CrossFit competitors due to its speed and efficiency. Box jumps are a fascinating movement that can be an incredible display of athletic ability, but the “rebounding” jump is a movement that should not be taken lightly. The danger of box jumps is twofold. The first danger is not making the initial jump and ending up with skinned shins. You can suffer deep bruising and have to take significant time out from training. The second and more serious danger is tearing or straining your Achilles tendon during the takeoff or (Especially)the landing.

Remember jumping is an expression of power and gives you the ability to get on top of or across something. Jumping at its essence is the ability to move through a space quickly when it is too far or too high to step. However, before we can jump a distance that is further than we can step, we must practice smaller jumps, fine-tuning our movement. Jumping is first a skill and expression of power, only after this may it be turned into a means of conditioning or sport as used in CrossFit. If we reverse this order we are setting ourselves up for injury and a lower performance in the long term.

CrossFit is a sport, don’t ever forget this. If you are training for CrossFit you will break normal rules of training for athletes. In almost every other sport strength and conditioning is auxiliary and designed to enhance performance of your primary sport. This means strength and conditioning must create the balance of getting results while having an extremely low injury rate. If your football athletes are getting hurt in the gym, they can’t play on the field.

CrossFit, though, is the sport of strength and conditioning, striving to become as fit as possible in all aspects. It is similar to football in that players practice with the pads on some days and other days they hit each other at full speeds. It is necessary to practice before game day, but good coaches use this scenario sparingly. This kind of full-impact training is sport-specific training, not for fitness or health, but to play better and know what it feels like to get hit by a 300lb linebacker before it happens in a game. This kind of training is essential for the competitive or professional athlete, but not for the general fitness clientele.

Rebound jumps and high volumes of plyometrics should not be done for general population who are simply trying to lose weight or get in shape. These are sport-specific training methods and need to be treated as such. In addition, all CrossFitters need to respect the difficulty of jumps when already tired and or at the end of a chipper or AMRAP. Even if you were able to jump confidently at that height earlier in the workout, it becomes a whole different game after you gas. Respect the jump, respect your body, and enjoy training for a long time.

Skill / Strength

Even Min: 10- French Press (skull crusher)
Odd Min: 10- Barbell Curl

20- Min


20- Box Hop
1-Toe 2 Bar (Rings if bars are full)
19- Box Hop
18-Box Hop
Continue until time cap or finishing round of
1-Box Hop

For Time

*This workout will be time capped at the remaining time in the given 1 hour class. So give yourselves and the rest of the group a chance and don’t wast time between elements and set-up.

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