WOD Thursday 9/3/15

03 Sep

em>Thursday September 3,192014

******Now that we have established everyone’s Back Squat 1rep max, Those of you who are planning on joining in on the 4 week percentage based back squat program must E-Mail Steve @: spitt500@msn.com so I can send you your squat load percentages, as well as all of the details that you will need to know.

It will be here before you know it, so start getting your costume ideas now! Everyone (Adults) are expected to be here, and bring some friends and family! We wanna see some creative / festive cocktail concoctions, and covered dishes. You have 2 months notice, I’m sure you don’t have other plans yet.. Most of all, don’t be too cool to dress up.That just makes you look careless, Its a costume party for a reason, a pair of sunglasses with your collar turned up is a stupid costume! I’m going “All Out” this year, so I expect the same..Its gonna be Epic!
We will be needing some volunteers during the daytime hours on that Friday to help set-up. Let us know if you can help, or if you have some cool Party decorations we can use.

Skill / Strength

Even Min: 10- Ring Push-Up
Odd Min : 10- Pull-Up

20- Min


10- Thrusters RX=95/65
1-Box Hop 24/20
2-Box Hop
3-Box Hop
4-Box Hop
5-Box Hop
6-Box Hop
7-Box Hop
9-Box Hop
10-Box Hop

For Time

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