02 Dec

em>Thursday December 3,192014

WOW (work on a weakness)

To be clear. Basically, this would be similar to an “open” gym time accept with a coach available to help you with whatever weakness you (and your coach) feel need addressed.
If you missed a Skill / Strength segment this week, this is the time to make that up.
take into consideration the “WOD” when deciding on your particular elements.
Perhaps you can even work on multiple weaknesses in an EMOM format
Give the 1/2 hr time allotment you can even choose 2 EMOM’S..?
At any rate, come in with an idea of what your going to work on, rather than starring at the whiteboard for 10 minutes not sure of what you should do.

30 Min



Squat Clean 135/95
Toes 2 Bar



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