WOD Monday 8/24/15

24 Aug

em>Monday August 24,192014

Considering this as the Off-season” as it pertains to the Reebok CrossFit “open”, we will be launching our Percentage based squat program for those of us wanting to bring up our strength for next years competitive season. This Program will start on Sept 1st. As in the past, this program will not be considerate of the daily CrossFit PHIT WOD on the whiteboard. If your going to participate in the Squat Program, you will need to do so while the rest of those who aren’t squatting will be conducting the daily “Strength / Skill” segment as it’s written up for that day. Then you will join in on the WOD. The CrossFit class will also get dibs on the Power Rig, in the event the Skill / Strength segment demands they need the rack. In the process, keep in mind other elements of becoming a good “CrossFitter” will suffer, if you don’t take the time to practice them on your own time. You might build a Nice strong back squat, but it won’t do you much good (as a CrossFit athlete) if your double-unders suck. The program will be a version of a Bulgarian based system I have been using with athletes successfully for over 20 years. If your interested in learning more about this program, talk with a coach about your reasoning, and let us help you decide if it’s right for you. we will designate the squat percentage right for you, And make sure your nutrition is adequately supportive of the demand.

Skill / Strength

Even Min:
3- Snatch grip, High Pulls AHAP

Odd Min:
1- Klokov Press (snatch grip military press)



1-Hang Squat Clean RX=135/95
25 Double Unders (Unbroken)

2- Hang squat Clean
25-Double Unders

3- HSC

Continue Ascending for AMRAP 12 Min

*If You break the double unders, you must start that round over at the cleans..

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