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Today’s Blog Thoughts:

RemeberWhere youcamefrom

Our core values are the characteristics which we have found develop naturally within the community as a whole, and each athlete individually, when we are successful in our Training programs. As we as embrace these values individually, we are able to engage in deeper, more true relationships which open the door to greater performance, and a healthy and fit lifestyle.

As part of CrossFit PHIT, we’re committing to live according to our Core Values. We’re agreeing to demonstrate them even when no one is watching, and hold each other accountable to doing so.

Courage – Doing what we know is in our long term best interest, even when it’s scary. For example:

Trying to do something new, and giving it your all
Publicly sharing that you are embarking on a new program for your health and fitness
Pushing out of your mental and physical comfort zone, when appropriate
Writing down big dreams and goals
Signing up for the CrossFit Open or a CrossFit challenge
Telling someone you’re going to do something, then going for it
Having a difficult conversation with someone
Calling a no-rep on someone during a challenge or competition

Tenacity – Persisting towards a goal in the face of adversity. For example:

Staying consistent in the midst of scheduling challenges
Understanding the way of Mastery
Keeping rest times short on AMRAPs
Scheduling a conference with your coach when you are stalling or need assistance (don’t be stuborn)
Fighting for your valued relationships
Actively caring about issues in your community
Adopting a lifestyle of healthy dietary habits for the long term
Mobilizing your body consistently, working on your weaknesses

Humility – Recognizing that you are not the center of the universe. For example:

Preparing for class ahead of time, being punctual
Communicating with your coach when you can’t make it to class, or will be out of town
Embracing coaching, we all have room for improvement (Remember where you came from)
Always holding yourself to the standards for movements, and doing another rep when you don’t
Respecting others in the community: Fellow athletes, coaches, out of town drop-ins
Going out of your way to make someone’s day: Welcoming drop-ins warmly
Lowering the weight on the bar when you can’t lift it correctly.

Honesty – Honesty with yourself and others. For example:

Honest with yourself about why you are enrolled at PHIT
Communicating with your coach about your true state of affairs: stress, rest, diet, sleep, soreness.
Keeping short accounts. Have a personal problem with someone? Be honest, correct it, let’s move on.
Truthful with yourself and your coach about your dietary habits!
Giving accurate feedback to PHIT staff. We want to know!
Taking it easy in the gym when required due to injury
Recording your results, no matter the numbers.

Grace – Offering compassion and forgiveness when someone screws up. For example:

Overlooking perceived slights that have nothing to do with you
Being receptive to and appreciative of praise
Asking forgiveness when you offend someone
Recognizing that real relationships are messy, we all need a little grace to get by
Giving someone the space to have a bad day
Understanding your reasons why your performance may not be to your standard. You need to offer yourself grace as well

Skill / Strength

Back Squat (5×10)



Squat Clean 135/95
Ring Push-Up

21/15/9 Reps

*400 M. Over Head Plate Carry after every round

For Time

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