WOD MONDAY 7/25/16

25 Jul

em>Monday July 25,192014

Skill / Strength

The athletes’ GOAL is to perform UP TO 20 REPETITONS with the weight of their choice in all three activities.ONE CHANCE FOR MAX REPS! The lifter who achieves the most total poundage lifted calculated by POUNDS X REPETITIONS wins. Athlete strategy depends on choice of heavy weight for few repetitions vs.light/moderate weight for high repetitions. The “Total TONNAGE” of WEIGHT X REPETITIONS will be added for each athlete’s score for Power Clean + Bench Press + Deadlift.

Running Clock of 60:00 Min To complete all three lifts!

EQUIPMENT: ALL Weight equipment (Barbells, weight plates, platform) will be provided at contest. Warm up room and platform weights provided.

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: lifting belt, wrist wraps, knee wraps, singlet, chalk, shin guards, and knee sleeves.

EQUIPMENT NOT ALLOWED: bench shirts, deadlift suits, elbow wraps, headphones, hats, long pants, gloves, sunglasses, and shorts that extend below knee joint.

REQUIRED PERSONAL ATTIRE: Form fitting shorts and/or leggings, spandex shorts, yoga pants, shoes and socks, t-shirt, tank top, sports bra. All shorts must be above the knees.

REFEREES: One or more judges will qualify and call out counting of repetitions during performance. If judge determines repetition did NOT qualify they will shout ‘NO REP,’ yet athlete should continue. When judge approves of quality repetition he will shout out the number of the repetition. Judge may instruct during performance to explain problems to athletes, such as: “You must NOT RAISE BUTT OFF BENCH” during the bench press activity, so the athlete can correct and continue. Judge will shout “DONE” when the athlete concludes or instruct spotter to take the barbell due to safety or performance infractions.

SPOTTERS: Safety spotters will surround the athlete at all times. They may be instructed by the judge to take the barbell for safety sake, thereby ending the performance. High risk behaviors will be monitored and unsafe actions will be halted.

LIFT SAFELY TO FAILURE: Athletes will continue to perform the activity smoothly, quickly and until they are unable to complete a full repetition. Athletes are expected to minimize possible accidents and limit high risk behaviors such as attempting a rep when exhausted or grip is slipping.


ONE REP IS COUNTED WHEN: Barbell moves from touching the floor to stopping at the “rack postition” near the shoulders. Athlete will use hands-over grip starting with bar on the floor and pull upward using pulling and squatting effort to bring the barbell up to “rack position” at shoulder height. Knees and hips must be locked and body straight with barbell stopped at the “rack position” at shoulder height. The barbell must stop at the floor and be motionless with no bounce for EACH repetition and stop at the collarbone and body straight. Athletes MAY adjust grip, move hands, change feet, etc. Resting between repetitions can occur when bar is motionless at floor, with hand in contact with bar, or at collarbone/front shoulder level. Athlete MAY NOT put a knee on the floor when resting. Wrist straps are allowed only for the Power Clean.

LIFT IS OVER WHEN: When barbell is dropped out of hands, or judges calls “DONE” or spotter takes barbell for safety purposes. No excessive bouncing off floor between repetitions.

ONE REP IS COUNTED WHEN: Barbell first touches chest then moves up to extended/lock out position. Elbow joint must be locked for every repetition. The FIRST repetition begins with the first touch of the chest, not at the handout. Athlete will use any hand grip to take barbell to chest and upward again. Referee will shout out the count AFTER lockout of rep that touched chest. Elbows must not be bent at lockout. Athletes MAY NOT change hand grip during performance. Athletes MAY NOT raise hips off bench. Resting between repetitions may only occur at the lockout position with elbow joints locked, NOT at the chest.

LIFT IS OVER WHEN: Athlete fails to lockout a complete rep, the barbell moves in the reverse-progress direction ,or judge calls “Done,” or athlete racks the bar, or spotter takes barbell. (Uneven lockout is at judge’s discretion).

ONE REP IS COUNTED WHEN: Barbell moves from touching the floor to lockout position with arms, legs, and back straight and bar motionless. Barbell must move in a continuous upward motion with no downward movement. Athlete will start with bar on floor and pull up to lockout. Athlete may use any stance and hand grip. Athlete may use either a straight bar or hex/trap bar and must specify which they prefer to use before competition begins. Referee will shout out count a the lockout position for each repetition. Resting between repetitions may occur at the top lockout position and when bar is motionless at floor, with hands in contact with barbell. Athlete MAY NOT put a knee on the floor when resting. Straps are NOT allowed to be used in the deadlift.

LIFT IS OVER WHEN: Athlete drops barbell out of hands, judge calls “Done” or athlete leaves platform. No excessive bouncing bar off floor between reps.

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