04 Apr

em>Monday April 4,192014

Now that the “Open season” has come to an end, I want to express to each and every one of you how proud I am to have been part of your accomplishments. There were many personal records, and 1st’s for many of us. We grew as a team, and supported each other on Friday nights.
We are doing analytics, and will soon be able to undeniably quantify that we are hands down the “fittest gym in Marysville”. Based on the 5 workouts we performed in the “Open”. This only happens when you combine correct, progressive, periodized programming with athletes who trust in it. Look for those to be posted soon. Even though this is considered the “Off Season” for the sport of CrossFit, many of us will choose to continue to compete in various competitions this Spring and Summer. Please keep your Coaches informed if you are planning on doing so. We have our radar on a few upcoming competitions and would encourage anyone that desires to compete, do so as a community. Now Its time to GET STRONG!

Skill / Strength

Thruster Complex.(Out of the rack)

3-Front Squat into 1-Thruster (press out)




“Heavy Fran”

Thrusters RX-anything 95/65 or heavier
Pull-Up RX=anything Kipping or more difficult..

21/15/9 Reps for time

*Each Athlete chooses their own (with coaches help) level of difficulty
The choices of each athlete will be proudly noted on today’s whiteboard results..

But you only have 10:00 Min to Finish..

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