08 Feb

em>Monday February 8,192014

* Attention, If you want to Participate in the “Open Workouts” as announced by “The Reebok CrossFit Games” this season, you will only have 2 options to do so. 1, Sign up @ www.games.crossfit.com then, after each of the Workouts are released you will be assigned a Judge and a convienient time for you to perform the workout officially. 2, come in to “Open Gym” and do it on your own, unofficially.
In other words, we will not be implementing the “Open” WOD’s into our regular weekly programming. You have nothing to lose, they have a “scaled” division so you may as well throw your name in the hat and see where you compare, and how far you have come..

Skill / Strength

7 Reps of all 5 movements done “unbroken”

1- Snatch Grip Deadlift
1- Hang Snatch
1- Overhead Squat
1- Back Squat
1- Back Jerk

Do this complex for 5 sets

Scored on Heaviest load done to completion.

* Goal * 60% of 1RM Snatch

30- Min



30- Clean and Jerks RX= 135/95

For Time

(10 Min)

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