WOD MONDAY 1/11/16

11 Jan

em>Monday January 11,192014

We are growing! Now is the time! If you have ever considered coaching, teaching, or training others, let us help you develop into the
“best-of-the-best” Our Personal training is what we were founded on, so as a result, inherent in our CrossFit coaching is the “personal” attention given to each athlete. This in undoubtedly what make us so different, and effective! Our Personal training customer base is bigger than ever. This is a double edge sword for us. Therefor we are looking “internally” for the right person (people) with the desire and a little bit of free time (mornings or evenings) to take some of the load off. We have always hired “internally”, as we feel this allows us to choose individuals based on character, not just a “certification”. A certificate is simple to accomplish, a quality person takes a lifetime.
If you want more information, talk to your Trainer if this is something that interests you.

Skill / Strength

Overhead Squats

Sets of 3 Reps @ 90%

Get in as many sets of 3 repetitions as you can in 20 Min

20- Min


Overhead Squats
Toes 2 Bar

21/15/9 RFT

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