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07 Aug

em>Friday August 7,192014
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Tomorrow we will be attempting our “CrossFit Totals” outside in front of the entrance. We will have music, and beverages. Bring friends, and family to watch.
This will be from 10:00- 12:00 (unless we finish earlier) At which point we will be running through a fun, challenging obstacle course event that we are excited to be offering. Good luck, and be ready for anything…GPP!

WOD: 8/7/15

Due to the fact that we are considering Saturday a heavy workout day, today should be spent on recovery, or honing in on a skill set that you feel may be a personal weakness. Perhaps your not going to be able to attend tomorrows “total” event. then do it today during one of the regularly scheduled class times.
If you are planning on attending, and attempting the Crossfit “total” tomorrow, work some aerobic base or mobility. No heavy loading, or intensive, stressful training.

Mobility: Separating Preparation From Recovery

One of the questions I get asked a lot is when is the best time to do mobility? Before a workout? After a workout? Separately at home? It all depends on what you are trying to get out of mobility.


Before a workout we really have 2 main goals: prepare our bodies for the range of motion we will be using for the movements and get just plain hot and sweaty. I start by getting range of motion first. The tools for using this are going to be active, using bands to prepare joints for movement, and grinding through ranges of motion.

Which mobilizations you choose should be based off of the movements that you are preparing for and the primary joints that are getting used. Big squat day- get those hips ready, and expose yourself to time in the bottom position. Lots of overhead- grind through some overhead and make sure the shoulders have the range to get all the way up there before you get under load.

This range of motion work should mostly be done before class starts, and consist of one, maybe two good mobilizations. It is not necessary to get to class an hour early, but 10 minutes of extra prep time can make a world of difference to how hard it is to get into the end range positions. After you get open, the warm-up should get the engine revving and the blood flowing before you start picking up the heavy things and moving fast. By the time you are done prepping the movements and greasing the hinges your body should be very well prepared to handle whatever you are about to throw at it.


Ok, so you lifted the big things. You left a nice sweat angel. Now the job is to cool down, and give some tissue-love back to the muscles. After the workout, recovery is the key. Today’s workout is over, its time to make sure the effects of today won’t limit you tomorrow.

We want to start by addressing the prime mover muscles from the workout, using soft tissue techniques like rolling on foam rollers, lacrosse balls, or barbells. If you did a big squat day, quads will want some attention. Shoulder heavy movements, do a quick exploration rolling on the lacrosse ball and work out any tight spots you find so they don’t linger on and stay sore and tight into the next workout.

Other tools that can be very effective, but take a little bit more training and practice are partner smashing with feet, and the voodoo band. These tools can be very effective at getting into those spots in ways a foam roller or lacrosse ball just can’t.

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