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15 Jul

em>Friday July 15,192014

Skill / Strength

Back Squats (5×10)



Why You Should Be Doing ‘Load Carries’ To Build Ultimate Core, Arm And Grip Strength
Recognizing we have done two different versions of carrying this week.

Anatomically, the human body is meant for lifting and carrying weights. But blame it on our lifestyle that we make every choice so that we can actually avoid carrying weights. Load carry helps put on muscle, boost overall physical strength, and fire up metabolism. Most important, grip, arm and core strength can be highly optimized doing the carries.

Breaking Down The Types Of ‘Carries’

Pick up weights and move. Yes, it’s that simple but here, let me break down the load carry into 5 most effective variations so you can have a clear understanding.

#1 Fireman’s Carry/Sandbag Carry

Lift a person on your shoulders and carry him as far as you can. This is actually the ultimate test of your strength and is most applicable in real life. Use a sand bag if your training partner isn’t ready to be carried!

#2 Farmer’s Walk
One of the most effective of all, Farmer’s Walk puts your arm strength to test. Pick up 2 dumbbells each weighing half of your bodyweight and walk as far as you can. Repeat till the time your shoulders and arms give up.

#3 Yoke Carry
The ‘Yoke’ is an equipment that’s especially made for ‘load carry’. Speaking of form, the yoke carry allows you to carry the most weight as your entire body is lifting the weight and not only the hands, back or shoulder. The entire body is put to work. If you don’t have access to a Yoke, use a barbell across your back.

#4 Over Head Weight Carry (Barbell/Dumbbell)
Lift a barbell, as heavy as you can, over your head and walk. The strength gained from this will directly reflect in your ‘cleans’ and ‘jerks’.

#5 Duck Walk
Hold the object in front of your legs and walk as far as possible. The move will take toll on your deltoids and forearms. Use a keg or an LPG cylinder.


800M Run
2-Squat Cleans (BW RX)
400M Barbell Carry (Front or Back rack position)
* Every Drop, perform 2-Squat Cleans
800M Run

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