WOD FRIDAY 2/19/16

19 Feb

em>Friday February 19,192014

Skill / Strength

Bench Press: (7×3)

20- Min



Max Reps Bench Press RX=80% – 70%
400M Run

*1st person performs max reps on the bench press, at breaking point they must immediately run 400m
while 1st person is running, 2nd person loads appropriate weigh on the barbell and waits for 1st person to return.
Upon return, 2nd person immediately performs max reps of bench press, while 1st person acts as the spotter.
at breaking point, 2nd person then runs the 400m.
repeat this AMRAP in 20 Min

Scored on Reps and Rounds

*Each completed 400m run is worth 10 reps.

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