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22 Dec

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Beginning of my Journey.

I heard Someone said ‘It’s never late to start’. Yes, I believe in that saying. I started PHIT Training 3 months back when I realized that my body serious needs some attention before it goes out of control. The tough decision to look for workout came, when I found that my pants are getting tight and just getting bigger clothes won’t help. So I googled the fitness and workout Centers to get started. And I was surprised to find PHIT Personal Training was just near to my apartment where I stay. I pass every day from the same road but never figured out the sign board of PHIT Personal Training. That is because my Mind never wanted to look for it, so did my eyes – ‘Ignored ‘. Just go to work, your home or for Shopping. And that was the routine life.

My journey begins with scheduling an appointment with Steve and Anna. Steve asked me if any workout I am doing or had been doing in recent past. My Answer was Yes, I tried to do some workout myself at home but actually it didn’t worked out. And in turn, it left me demotivated. My mind said that, it is not possible for normal person to get good physical body which we normally dream about. But Steve gave me confidence that if you follow our instructions, you definitely will get results. He suggested me Jump Start Diet Plan and told that, this will boost your confidence. And further said, if you take you work out truly, you will see results in 6 months and after a Year you should a different person. He introduced to my Personal Trainer Sherri. Before my workout sessions begin Anna & Sherri both helped me with my Vegan diet plan as I am vegetarian. I do not consume meat or Animal products.

My first workout session – I was anxious to start session with my Personal Trainer Sherri. This was my first experience to work with trainer. I had many questions in my mind. But to let you know that, my first session went very smooth. My Personal trainer Sherri made the work out session easy go. I was able to complete all the exercises what she planned for me. She understands you very nicely and make the work out plan which suits you and can be achieved. All my queries were answered. She educates me during the workout sessions for the exercises I am doing, giving its benefits and what you will be developing. Also she shares the techniques to do exercises correctly. For each session, she makes sure to increase my exercise limit and keeps me encouraging and pushing to complete it. I am happy to have such a nice trainer.

Time goes fast. Today three months completed for my workout sessions. These three months, I had different experience than my routine life was. I used to feel very hard to make myself ready to do workout. I was happy with sitting on couch, watching TV and eating food. Even food I never thought that, what I am consuming will be good to my body or not. Now it all changed. Today it’s easy for me to go for workouts and looking for more to do. I have reduced weight and now going further to achieve my target. My dream to have good physical body, which will add to my personality for a person I am. Everybody in fitness center is great. We interact and share our experiences. Couple of days back, I have also joined Boot Camp sessions which is altogether a different experience.

I am glad to be a part of PHIT family and look forward to achieve my dream. It’s a ‘Beginning of my Journey’. Today I am happy for my decision made to do workouts and join PHIT fitness center.


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