WOD FRIDAY 10/2/15

02 Oct

em>Friday October 2,192014

During the Month of October we will be having an “Athlete Attendance” rewards program. The winner will receive an Advocare Prize package
worth $50, a Custom made CrossFit PHIT Tee shirt, and huge acknowledgment of your efforts on our website! Here’s how the incentive works:

As of 10/1/15 (Thursday)

*Every time you participate in a group CrossFit class, you will earn 1 point
*Every time you RX the daily WOD (in a group class) you will earn 1/2 point
*Every time you attend “open gym” hours to do accessory work, you will earn 1/2 point

Good Luck!

Skill / Strength

Even Min: 10-Ring Dip or Ring Push-Up (mix and match if desired)
Odd Min: 10-Pull-Up or Horizontal Ring Row (mix and match)



Max Reps Ground to Overhead

Min 0:00-3:00 135/95#

Min 3:00-6:00 165/115#

Min 6:00-9:00 185/135#

Min 9:00-12:00 205/155#

In this workout reps are emphasized over the need to “RX”.
You will be scored on total “RX’d” repetitions, as well as total overall repetitions. So, if the weight load get to heavy, de-load and go for more overall reps.

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