WOD FRIDAY 10/16/15

16 Oct

em>Friday October 16,192014

Skill / Strength

Complete the series unbroken 10 x or in 20 Min

1- Snatch Grip Deadlift
1- Snatch Grip “Panda Pull”
1- Full snatch (Squat preference)
After receiving the barbell try to pause your position. This particular drill does not require you to “Finish” the snatch to a standing position.
It is designed to establish good execution in the points of performance needed to get under the barbell low, and fast.



9-Deadlift RX=185/135
7-Power Clean
5-Front Squat
3-Muscle-Up RX=1/ C2B pull-Up RX=2
9-DeadLift De-Load the same barbell to: RX 135/95
7-Power Snatch
5-Squat Snatch
3-Muscle_up/C2B pull-Up

Re-Start if time allows

Chipper: As Many Reps as Possible


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