WOD / BLOG 9/4/13

04 Sep

em>Wednesday September, 4 2013Snatchprogressionpic

WOD 9/4/13


1- Power Snatch
1- Squat Snatch

EMOM = 10 Min. (10 rounds)

1- Squat Snatch

E30’S = 10 Min (20 rounds)


“Death By”

Thruster RX=135/95

For Remainder of the Minute you
* 90• Wall Sit or
* Handstand Hold
Alternating between them every other min.

* Thrusters Must be “Unbroken”

* You must start each round at the TOP of each min. No resting.

* If you collapse during wall sits or handstands, your previous round completed is then your score.

Scored on rounds completed.

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