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24 Sep

em>Tuesday September, 24 2013saterfields

Let’s take a moment to recognize and appreciate CrossFit PHIT’s most beloved athlete.
If your fortunate enough to attend our 5:30am Class, your always met with a welcome smile and
a friendly attitude. No matter what the WOD or what surprises we might throw at her, she is always
eager ready and willing to get after it!
She has been nominated as our “Athlete of the Month” and has her own workout named after her.
She has probably referred more customers through our doors than anyone else. She has been a Loyal customer and
a dear friend to our Family (PHIT and Personally). She is an incredible Mom of 2 Great young men, Noah and Jacob.
Married for 17 years, She managed to pester (out of Love) her husband Jonathan until he finally caved in, and now has completely reshaped
himself through CrossFit.
She has lost over 6 dress sizes and over 20lbs. she is knocking out Pull-Ups and is getting Ring Dips.
She has increased her Dead Lift (her favorite exercise)by over 150lbs.
She has Competed in Local events. And has stayed with, and entrusted her Coaches for over 15 months.
Even when some of her friends “Jumped Ship” and went to another Facility that programs easier workouts.
WE all Love Gwendolyn Satterfield!

Happy Birthday!


“Fight Gone Bad”

Wall Ball Shots RX=20/14
S.D.H.P RX= 45/75
Box Hops RX= 12/20
Push Press RX= 45/75
Row (Calories)

1 Min at each station
3 Rounds
Total Reps and Calories for score

photo (4)

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