WOD / BLOG 9/19/13

19 Sep

em>Thursday September, 19 2013Image



Understanding that the majority of our athletes, or all athletes in this sport are still several stages away from successfully accomplishing the “Muscle-Up”, it is still an interesting movement to everyone.
Today this series will simply cover the basics of how to string together an explosive very “high pull” (to the mid chest) pull-up, and the very deep “bottom position” of the ring dip.
You wont be learning the Pull-Up or The Dip. That will be patiently developed through skill/strength segments in class, and or applying practice on your own time, over time. If you have really good Chest to bar pull-ups and solid ring dips, then today just might be the day you get your first Muscle-Up.


RX= 1) 10 – Pull-Ups
10 – Ring Dips
10 – Rounds for time
20 min cap

RX= 2) 30 – Ring Muscle-Ups
For time

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