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16 Sep

em>Monday September, 16 2013Kelseydeadlift

Last weeks programming was largely focused on heavily loaded movements.
Many personal records were broken. This weeks emphasis will be on moderate loading, with priority on transitioning, enforcing ROM so as our athletes understand the standards set forth as in CrossFit competition. as well as mechanics to maintain integrity throughout the longer WOD programs.
Today we will focus on a moderate load for the back squat. You will need to transition into the back squat from the deck , via a Clean.
The WOD will entail the mandate of the hook grip during the dead lift, thus having that much needed carry-over into our Olympic lifts. I realize a lot of us do not like the hook grip. And over the years I have heard every excuse why. I realize it is uncomfortable at first, I realize you might have short stubby hands, I also realize that if you trust the hook grip it will serve you much better when it comes time to get down and dirty when catching a falling bar for multiple repetitions in Olympic Lifting.


Back Squat

From the deck

7 E2MO2M = 20 Min


200 M Run.
Max Unbroken DeadLift
with Hook Grip RX/= 225/ 135

15 Min AMRAP


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