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13 Sep

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WOD 9/13/13

Today’s emphasis will be on three lifts only. The same format as the CrossFit total, the CrossFit total 2 brings much more of a technical element to the platform. Encompassing three lifts, with two of them being on the challenging side, in terms of the technique involved. This will be a big divider between how much weight you can muster up.
Where basic lifting fundamentals are all one needs to know to effectively move weight in the Crossfit Total. Which is a strict overhead barbell press, a barbell back squat and a basic deadlift. The CrossFit total 2 incorporates a BarbellClean, a Barbell bench press and a Barbell Overhead Squat. The clean should be as simple as moving the barbell from the floor to the front shoulder rack position. With quite a few nuances in between. However, if one can effectively pull themselves under the barbell (3rd pull in the series of movements) they will be able to catch a heavier amount of weight in a lower position allowing the powerful hips, glutes and quadriceps group of muscles to be the major movers in driving this into the finishing position. Not everybody is comfortable with this pull. This is where good coaching, patients, and practice come into play. If you haven’t learned this detail yet, today won’t be the day to learn it.
The benchpress is arguably one of the most non-functional movements a CrossFitter can perform. With very little coaching this movement is fairly simplistic. Although our coaches are experienced and have been highly competitive in this movement and can coach a lot of fine-tuning to help one become a better bench presser, if you haven’t learned these details yet, today won’t be the day to learn them.
The overhead squat is a unique movement simply created to help an individual from a receiving squated snatch position drive the barbell to a standing up controlled position with the barbell overhead. It now has quite a reputation as a stand alone lift. Bringing strength, coordination, and balance, all into play. Not often does even the highest trained athlete with no experience in this movement execute this one very well. There are quite a few details that go into performing this movement correctly as well as safely. If you have not learned these details as of yet, today may not be the day to learn them.
The CrossFit total 2 is designed for the experienced crossfitter to accomplish a total of all three lifts within a short given period of time. Therefore leaving very little time for learning these movements. Normally you will see us separate a whole skill segment time slot aside just to teach you one faze of any one of these movements.
I expect to see everybody here none the less. It is an exciting day and many of personal records will be broken today. Your coaches, may join in on the fun however we will be keeping a close eye on those of you with minimal experience.

Good Luck!

CrossFit Total Two (digit)

45 Min to reach a 1RM of each

1) Clean ( 15 Min )
2) Bench Press ( 15 Min )
3) Over Head Squat ( 15 Min )

Score is total of all 3

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