WOD / BLOG 8-5-13

05 Aug

Monday August, 5photo (3) 2013

Congratulations to Team CrossFit PHIT on their competition at the Nexus Summer Slam CrossFit event over this past weekend. Everyone did Great!

* Don’t forget to check the calendar for any schedule changes or updates. As school goes back into session latter this month, it’s likely we may make some changes to accommodate the masses.

* I have vowed to program Double-Unders into every WOD next week.
so don’t say i didn’t warn you. The could be the only thing that prevents you from RX’ing..

* Power Club is 1 full week into its Fall Competitive Training season.
As of now, we are focusing on the almighty “Bench Press”. Anyone interested in improving strength in this movement should consider this as a golden opportunity to train with those of us that have High level experience and that are looking to compete. Advanced techniques will be applied, as well as various use of Chains, Bands, Boards, and Bench Shirts. Click on the “Power Club” Flyer link for more information, or contact us with any questions to get started.


Over Head Squats

Front Squats

20 Min


1 – Front Squat
10 – (Hand Release) Burpees
2 – Front Squat
9 – Burpees
3- Front Squat
8 – Burpees
4 – Front Squat
7 – Burpee
5 – Front Squat
6 – Burpee
6 – Front Squat
5 – Burpee
7 – Front Squat
4 – Burpee
8 – Front Squat
3 – Burpee
9 – Front Squat
2 – Burpee
10- Front Squat
1 – Burpee

RX = 95/65

20 Min Time Cap

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