WOD / BLOG 7-9-13

09 Jul

Tuesday July, 9 2013



“Those aren’t real PULL-UPS!” Ahhhhhhhhh…the CrossFit kipping pull-up critique. We have been criticized time and time again for the kipping (gymnastic-style/swinging pull up). I’ll start by saying that if you were to ask 90% of the kipping CrossFit community, they could also bang out dead hanging pull-ups. Not as many in a row as kipping, but most likely more than the globo gym-goer. I have helped numerous people who could not perform a strict pull-up accomplish doing several through the practice of kipping. Why does CrossFit allow us to Kip in most WODs that call for pull-ups? Let’s take bone density…if you want to maintain or improve it, intensity is is the way to do it. Let’s think about intensity…if you were to do a WOD with shoulder presses or push jerks, which would you move faster in? The less isolated movement…the push jerk. This would increase bone density. Intensity means that one has to complete more work in a shorter period of time. Now, physics (I know, need to be careful…English teacher talking physics) says that: Force + Distance _____________ = Power time Basically, if you can complete MORE WORK in a shorter amount of time, you are MORE POWERFUL. When most people kip, they can do 2x as many kipping pull -ups in the amount of time that they would do dead-hang pull-ups: 2x the POWER, 2x the INTENSITY= MORE RESULTS! Results have shown that working on one’s kips actually improve his/her dead hang pull ups. CrossFitters have entered strict pull-up competitions with non-CrossFitting Marines and win. And, they have entered kipping pull competitions with gymnasts and win. I know that when I began CrossFit I could only do about 10-12 relatively strict, dead-hang (body building style) pull-ups. I began kipping and was successful in my WODs utilizing this style of pull-ups. Without practicing my dead-hangs, I was able to master them. CAN WE SAY INTENSITY AND MAXIMUM POWER OUTPUT PAY OFF??!!! So, come to the gym and get your KIP on!




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