WOD / BLOG 7-17-13

17 Jul

Wednesday July, 17 2013


Clean and Jerk

20 Min to Max




3- Clean and Jerk RX=75% of 1RM
5- Front Squat
7- Bar-Over Burpees

15 Min AMRAP

In order for you to RX, you must meet or exceed your previous 1RM max during the skill/strength session.
If you do not yet have a 1RM recorded due to this being your first attempt to accomplish one, you wont be given the “RX” by default….(sorry)
Also, If you have been Crossfitting/Oly lifting for any length of time and have done a 1RM but do not “know” what it is or “Forgot”…Then No RX for you either…Hence the reason we drill into our athletes the importance of Journaling.


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