WOD / BLOG 7-11-13

11 Jul

Thursday July, 11 2013

Handstand Push-ups are one of those movements that make people think that CrossFit isn’t for them, and they turn and run the other way without ever understanding why we do them and how important they are to developing a strong anterior chain. Not to mention they are probably the single most important exercise in creating that “sexy” shoulder-to-hip ratio (taper)that you see on popular CrossFit athletes. Most people need to scale this movement, and in doing so, almost without fail, over time develop the strength and proficiency to execute them.



Handstand Push-Ups
Toes 2 Bar

Over the 30 min time period you will have the opportunity to really develop the surest way to progress towards executing these two movements.
You should have a full understanding of which modification (scale) is right for you, depending on the expectancy in your WOD’s.
Dont “fry” yourself during this time period as you will need something left for the WOD.

30 Min


30-Toes 2 Bar
20-Toes 2 Bar
10-Toes 2 Bar

For Time 15 Min Cap

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