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10 Jan

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The CrossFit Open is just a few weeks away. Registration for the Open begins next week on January 15th. The first workout will be announced on February 27th and the final workout will be announced on March 27th. You will be able to enter you scores between Thursday and Monday evening this year. The previous years the scores had to be entered by Sunday night. You will be responsible for signing yourself up and for submitting your scores on a weekly basis.
Friday’s WOD will be that weeks Open workout. We will run it similar to last year. If you are interested in seeing how you stack up, you will have a judge that will score your workout.

The Open is a great way to build camaraderie in the gym, be part of a competitive type atmosphere, and cheer on your friends and fellow athletes.
This year there will also be the judges course. Anyone that would like to compete or judge this year should take the online course so you are cleared to judge. Please bring the certificate you receive for passing the judges course so we can have a copy at the gym.


WOW – Work on a Weakness

15 Min

Take advantage of a coach. Even if your an expierienced Crossfitter, you still need to be evaluated under a critical eye. There will be no room for miscounting reps, or slack performance standards. “No rep” will be called during your
“Open” workout attemts. So you may need to get re-aquainted with possibly hearing that now.


Short Sprint Chipper as fast as you can

50- A.D. Calories
40- Air Squats
30- Sit-Ups
20- Push-Ups
10- Pull-Ups

For time


“Death By”

Clean and Jerk RX=135/95

Rounds and Reps For score

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