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17 Jun

Monday June, 17 2013


The deadlift was, at some point way back when, called the health lift. Now we typically use barbells or dumbbells, while then the lift simply called for heavy objects. Lift them up, then let them down… done. 5 seconds flat. It was the staple lift – believed to give all the physical exercise that a person needed.
And truthfully, the deadlift (or health lift) is an exercise that, if you could only manage a single exercise for one rep, should be the one. There is no other exercise that engages as many muscles from top to bottom as the deadlift. The bonus is that this great lift requires so little as far as equipment goes. A barbell, dumbbells, a rock, a sandbag, your 27 inch CRT television, the neighbor’s dog – whatever.
This is another reason why the Coaching staff here introduce this exercise as one of the 1st barbell movements to our young athletes first. Driving home the importance of the mechanics and safety is key in that it will translate into almost every other Barbell lift we do.
Of course, like most exercises – technique is key. Many people actually avoid the deadlift because of the rumor that it could seriously hurt your back. Done incorrectly, this is true. Done correctly, however, the deadlift not only won’t hurt your back, but will provide you with extra insurance against back problems by strengthening it and the surrounding muscles.



E2MO2M = 18 Min


Deadlift RX =225/135
H.R. Burpee
Deficit Push-Ups


Reps for time. (Compare previous times/Loads to 1/15/13)

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