WOD / BLOG 1/23/14

23 Jan

em>Thursday January, 23 2014
And so it has begun! We received our permits from the City Of Marysville , and are now going to be Expanding our facility to provide you a better experience!
20′ ceiling heights means more rope climbs, as well as more Muscle-Ups.
The functional work space will be directly located in front of the Garage doors to provide you with the ability to
hit the scenic Trails of Schwartzkopf park, or run 800, 400, 600, 200, meters with no traffic or interference!
Not to mention, Yolk Carries, Farmers walks, Long sled Pushing and pulling, all on our private property. Do I have you excited yet?
Not to mention more interior space to fling Barbells,Kettlebells, Atlas Stones, Sand Bags, and many surprises you will just have to wait to see. More square area to work a whole class of people around our custom Rig.
More Class times, Open Gym times, Crazy loud music, and the list can keep going on and on!

We are putting volunteer committees together now! We sure could use some help. Tentatively we are going to try and begin the first week of February, so check your calendars!


Clean and Jerk

30 Min to 1RM


10- K.B. Clean and Jerk rt arm
10- K.B. Clean and Jerk lft arm
10- Toes 2 Bar

10 Min AMRAP

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