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18 Dec

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How PHIT Changed Me

I have always struggled with my weight. I grew up playing sports and was always active but was still one of the bigger kids involved. I was the kid that couldn’t shop in the normal section of the department stores because there were no “husky” jeans there. I had grown to just know this as a way of life. I would lose some weight during the sports seasons and then put it on in the off season. I never felt that I ate more than my friends that weighed a lot less bret and lennythan I did and that I worked just as hard in practice. I just got used to being a big guy. Then I graduated high school and there were no more sports. Throughout college and my time after graduating, I have slowly just kept “growing”. Not only did sports stop, my diet got worse. It was nothing to order a few pizzas with the guys and throw down some beers in the process. I never thought anything of it. It was always in the back of my head that I was out of shape and wasn’t getting any exercise, but I never really did much about it.
There were some short term efforts at curbing my weight gain, most were met with little to no success. On multiple occasions, I convinced myself to get a gym membership. I would go in and get overwhelmed instantly. I would want to lift and do some different exercises, but I would not know where to start, not to mention, that everybody doing what I wanted to do was in shape and appeared to know what they were doing. That obviously was not the case with me. This left the cardio equipment. I would just get on the elliptical or bike and use it for a while. This got boring and my interest was quickly lost. My great intentions were followed by poor execution. Then there was the time that I decided I would join a new gym that opened on my route home from work. I figured I would have to go if it was on my way home. I joined and went once in 18 months, the day I signed up. I didn’t even work out that day. Yes, I had a gym membership for 18 months to a gym and never used it.
At this point, I had pretty much given up. I was getting busier at work and decided that my efforts were best served going towards work rather than my health. I was a straight commission sales person and the economy was marginal, at best. I told myself that there was no way that I could fit exercise in my 70 plus hour work week. This went on for a few years. I never really noticed at the time, but my diet was terrible. It was nothing for me to grab some doughnuts for breakfast with my coffee on multiple occasions during the week or treat myself to a blizzard after a big sale, this whole time my closet was piling up with clothes that I had “outgrown”. I threw them in storage containers and thought “someday I will fit in them again” but never changed anything. I was bigger than I had ever been. I was pretty good at avoiding the problem and kept my attention elsewhere. I avoided pictures and, if there was one with me in it, didn’t hang it up or look at it again. I also started to notice that I was not able to perform like I once could. Things that I used to be able to do without any problem were becoming more work. Give me three flights of stairs to climb and I was winded by the time I got done. I had to help some friends move. Everybody else was making two trips out to the truck in the amount of time it took me to make one.
Then it all changed. One Monday morning, I was sitting at my desk working and got sidetracked thinking about life and where I was at. I decided that it was time to change. I have seen people make life changing decisions, why couldn’t I? I ended up on PHIT’s website. I left the page up for a little while and tried to convince myself that I needed to make that call. It was like calling a girl to ask her out in high school. I knew it was something that I needed to do, but that this was a big first step. I finally dialed the number and set up an appointment to meet and discuss what PHIT had to offer. That call was the first step that I made to improve my lifestyle and the last step that I made where I felt I was on the journey myself. I met with Steve and Anna to discuss what they could help me with. I never felt as if I was looked in a negative light because I was overweight and out of shape sitting in front of two physically fit people. They told me that they would help me with the journey and that they had helped people in my situation before. It was a relief. I felt that I had found a solution and that a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I hadn’t even started. However, I knew that I wasn’t alone in my journey anymore.
I was still worried walking in my first day to train with Brett. That nervousness lasted about two minutes into our first session. Brett does a great job of pushing me but not putting me in situations where I am “out of my league”. Yes, I have failed at some of the exercises only to come back a couple weeks later and be able to do them successfully. The first week was rough but I was still excited to come back for my work out each day. The soreness was pretty bad for a little bit. Over the first few weeks, the soreness started to settle down and I kept looking forward to my sessions with Brett. As I became better at and more used to exercises, Brett would change them around a little bit or introduce something new, never allowing me to get bored and always encouraging me and pushing me along. Having Brett there took the stress out of trying to organize and complete the exercises that I used to fail at when I was on my own. My job at this point was to show up, Brett would take care of the rest. I started to enjoy it more with each passing week. I started eating healthier because I didn’t want to ruin the work that I put in at the gym.
I started to see changes in every aspect of my life. My worries about the amount of time that working out would take away from work were unfounded. I started to see that I got more work done in less time because of the increase in energy that I had. My attitude changed. It seemed as stress that used to consume me does not get to me as much. The doughnuts in the morning were replaced with bananas and my fast food dinner with a pop or beer was replaced by a turkey wrap with a glass of water. The crazy part is that was what I wanted most of the time. It didn’t feel like a diet, it felt like the new norm. With each passing week my decisions progressively got better. With this new lifestyle came results. I started to pull the clothes out of closet that used to not fit because they were too small to replace the ones that are now too big. Then my friends and family started to notice. Then my customers that I see once every six months started to notice. Before long, it became a daily conversation with people.
Here I sit, seven months and 100 pounds later. I couldn’t be more proud of my decision and am just as excited to go into PHIT and train with Brett each day as I was the first week. PHIT has become a part of my day, just like going to the office. Everybody there is great. Nobody is there to impress anybody else. Everybody is there for the same reason, to get better – no matter where you started or where you are currently. It has become very clear that it is not your normal gym. It doesn’t matter if you have the latest apparel on or can bench a house, everybody is there to work and push each other. I look forward to continuing my success at PHIT and am thankful everyday that I took the first step and made the call.


Strict Press
Push Press
Push Jerk (split optional)

15 Min



10-Ring Dip
10 Min AMRAP

Resting excactly and ONLY 2 min…. then,


10- H.S.P.U.
20- Double Unders
10 Min AMRAP

Each individual couplet will have it’s own score as well as a total for both.
RX is only achieved if BOTH couplets are performed without modification. (scaled)

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