WOD 9.15

15 Sep

em>Monday September 15, ,192014
“Mock Meet Week”
This week we will be undertaking the challenge of Lifting heavy(er) than normal. This is our “Mock Meet” Powerlifting week.
Over the course of the week you will have amassed a total of all the “Big 3” Powerlifting lifts…
Monday-Deadlift, Wednesday-Bench Press, Friday-Squat. the total of all three combined at weeks end will be tallied and scored.
You must attend these days Strength / Skill segment. Performing them out of this order, or at an “open Gym” time will not count.

Skill / Strength

Deadlift – 30 Min to 1RM


30- Chest to Bar pull- Ups
200- Double-Unders
15- OH Squat RX=135/95
200- Double- Unders
15- OH Squat
200- Double- Unders
30-Chest to bar Pull-Ups

20- Min AMRAP (Reps)

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