WOD 9/3/14

27 Aug

em>Wednesday September 3, ,192014
Been the Proud Strength and Conditioning coach to this fine young man now for almost 7 years. He is a force on the wrestling mat and has paid his dues
in more ways than one. I don’t know of anyone else more deserving of a successful wrestling career, and or life, than him. Today’s workout is recognizing this young mans past as well as his future accomplishments. “Carry on my wayward son, they’l be peace when you are done”

Happy Birthday Taleb

SKILL / Strength

DEADLIFT — 30 Min to 1RM



Tabata Deadlift holds with 90% of 1RM (20 seconds)

10 Second rest

8 Rounds.

If you drop your deadlift before the 20 second round is completed, the remaining seconds left will serve as additional deadlift repetitions
(max at 10 reps per round) done with 80% of 1RM, at the completion of the WOD.

Scored on the lowest number of “penalty” repetitions.

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