WOD 8/10/15

10 Aug

em>Monday August 10,192014

Big Scott Ross Pullin some Big wheels!

Skill / Strength

Bench Press (5×5)
Floor Press (5×5)

History Of The Floor Press

The floor press started before the bench press! The bench press was invented during the mid 19th century, but before the bench press was even invented lifters would lie on the floor and floor press. As the bench press started becoming popular lifters started to forget about the floor press and started bench pressing instead. However, within the last decade former bench press world record holder Jesse Kellum (who bench pressed 735@209 back when gear wasn’t as effective as it is now,) re-invented the floor press and the exercise became popular again. He quickly discovered how much that the lift was helping him increase his bench press.

Click the link below for video demonstration

30- Min


Power Clean, 135/95
Front Rack Lunges, 135/95
Push Jerks, 135/95

21/15/9. RFT

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