WOD 7/1-7/4

03 Jul

em>Monday July 1-4,192014

Tuesday, 7/1

Skill / Odd Minutes

5-10, Close Grip (triceps) Bench Press
5-10, Power Barbell Curls


30- Sec even min: SHoulder to Overhead press 115/75lbs
30- sec rest
30- sec Odd Min: Pull-Ups
30- sec rest

14 Min AMRAP

total reps combined for score

Wednesday, 7/2

Skill / Strength

5-10, Toes to Bar / Rings
1-2, Legless (or scaled back) rope ascents

Even / Odd Min, = 20 Min


10- Double-Unders
10- KB swings

20- Double-Unders
20- KB Swings

30- Double Unders
30- KB Swings

40- Double Unders
40- KB swings

50- Double Unders
50- KB Swings

Each element must be done “Unbroken”, or you must restart at the beginning of that particular round.
The swings must be full (American) over-head swings with full knee, hip and shoulder extension.
No partial resting reps during the KB swings. Rest as needed between rounds. But this is for time…

Thursday, 7/3

Skill / Strength

1-Power Clean
1-Squat Clean
EMOM= 10 Min


1- Hang Power Clean
1- Hang Squat Clean
EMOM = 10 Min


Handstand Push-Ups
Barbell Cleans RX=95/65
Box Hops RX= 24/20

Reps for time

Friday, July 4th ****10:00 AM ONLY**Child Care will be provided !

Today’s Hero memorial workout is for a fallen CrossFit soldier. He is Army Sgt 1st Class Daniel Crabtree who was killed in Al Kut, Iraq on Thursday June 8th 2006. We do these workouts to honor the sacrifice that was made on behalf of all Americans. So we can enjoy our Freedom!

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