WOD 6.23.14

23 Jun

em>Monday June 23,192014
Brett Ivey Moving some big weights during the 2nd event of The Bar CrossFit Challenge. The Barbell Complex. Taking second place overall!

Skill / Strength

1- Hang Squat Clean
EMOM = 10 Min

Build up in weight if you can as you progress.


Max time of 6 min find your heaviest weight load and perform unbroken,

3- Deadlift
2- Hang Clean
1- Front Squat (receiving the 2nd hang clean in the squat can count as your front squat)
1- Shoulder 2 Overhead press


50- Wall Ball shots RX= 20/14
40- K.B. SDHP RX= 53/35
30- Box Hop RX=24/20
20- S2O RX= 115/75 (no dropping from overhead)
10- Burpees

For time

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