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04 Apr

em>Friday April, 4 2014

To “RX” in a workout means to complete the workout as it is written or prescribed by the coach.

However, the beauty of CrossFit is its infinite scalability. My Brother, My Wife and my Grandma can all do the same workout as Rich Froning, the only difference would be the load (weight), time or movements. We all will find a version that pushes our intensity without sacrificing range of motion or our safety.
As CrossFit puts it, our workouts would vary by degree not kind.

We see it all the time, from the saavy vet to the newby, everyone wants to get that RX next to their name at the end of the workout. It’s a sense of accomplishment, an “Ah-Ha” to the workout. Still, it is our job to make sure that the athletes are completing the workout up to their abilities, not their pride. Most athletes, especially ones new to the CrossFit journey see RX as something they will never accomplish or a roadblock to their goal.

I’ve seen athletes not want to write their name on the board because they were so far off of RX. However, that is not what CrossFit is about.

Now, I love the idea of RX, it’s not based on body weight or skill or years you’ve been doing CrossFit, and it gives us a general rule of thumb how we stack up with the rest of the community, and the progress we are making.

That’s why we love CrossFit so much, right?

But CrossFit is about your personal best, making progress and being better than yesterday, not better than the person next to you..

Measureable, Observable, Repeatable.

Well here’s the truth, it doesn’t matter if you RX a workout, all that matters is that you completed the movements correctly, safely and at a high intensity. Those three are the keys to progress.

Rx is a baseline, not a requirement. If you can RX, great, get after it, but make sure the true design of the workout is accomplished. FRAN (21-15-9 Thrusters [95/65} and Pull-Ups) is a short sprint, it should not take 10 minutes. If it takes that long, it doesn’t accomplish what it is designed to. Maybe the weight is too heavy or your pull-ups aren’t ready, but it’s time to scale. Grab the band, or drop some weight and bust your ass to finish FAST.


a workout is never easy when it comes to CrossFit. A workout with an empty bar and an ab-mat can make you sore for days. If your workout was “too easy”, you need to WORK HARDER. From the other side, don’t make your workout too hard by attacking RX or a heavier weight before you are ready, the last thing you should be doing is stripping weight off 2 rounds in to it. The weight should be hard, not impossible. Rx is obviously where you want to be, but don’t rush it at the sacrifice of progress.

Make the move

Jumping the weight up 5/10/15 lbs since your last time doing a workout it is scary. However, the goal is to constantly progress and that means in weight, not just time or scores. We want you to achieve those goals and most of the time that means adding 5-10 lbs on from your last attempt. We know it’s not RX, but completing Grace with 85# is a hell of an accomplishment from your last one at 65#. Take pride in your stride, even if it is only adding 2.5’s to the side.

Don’t get trapped in the RX game, push yourself to your limits, no one else’s.


Push-Press (BHN)
(7×1) 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

10- Min !!

Split Jerk
(5×1) 1-1-1-1-1

10-Min !!


100- Double-Unders
50- S2O Rx= 135/95

200- Double-Unders
30- S2O

20- S2O

20- Min Time Cap

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