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28 Apr

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How Do I Find The Best CrossFit Gym?
How do I Find the Best CrossFit Gym for Me?
There are currently 7,000 CrossFit affiliates around the world, with others opening every day. This is good news for those of us passionate about improving our fitness, and being part of a growing, global community. That said, no two CrossFit “boxes” are the same, and it might seem daunting to “select” the one “best” for you.
Here are some ways to do that:
Determine your goals.
Perhaps you are training for a specific athletic event. Maybe you are overcoming an injury and want to get your strength back. Or maybe you just want to find a community of like-minded people with whom to exercise. Regardless of your individual motivation, when choosing a CrossFit gym, it helps to have your goals in mind.
Research the owner and trainers.
The prerequisite for opening a CrossFit affiliate is CrossFit Level One certification. That’s not much. When you visit gyms – and we recommend visiting as many as you can – take time to meet one-on-one with the owner and trainers. Ask them about their backgrounds, their training, and their philosophies. Beyond the Level One cert, what other education do they bring to CrossFit? Ask them what drew them to the sport, and what keeps them excited about it.
Spend time in the facility.
CrossFit boxes are, by nature, friendly, welcoming places. Don’t be afraid to ask owners if you can “hang out” and observe for a while. Visit and visit again, at least three times. You will glean a great deal of information just from watching how the trainers interact with their clients, and how the clients interact with one another. See how much time the coaches spend teaching the movements before the workout. Watch what they do as the workout is going on. Are they helping people with their form, or are they on their cell phones? Does the gym have the necessary space for warming up, working out, and cooling down? Are the bathrooms clean?
Ensure both schedule and budget fit your needs.
CrossFit is a significant investment in both your time and money. Yes, the return on investment is excellent, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop around. Most gyms have their schedules posted on their websites, so that’s a great place to start. Pricing is often not as transparent, so you will want to visit the box and ask about individual rates. Classes every hour on the hour are unlikely, so you need to consider what time of day is best for you. Many gyms offer early morning or evening classes to accommodate working clients. Others offer weekend or noon classes. Be sure to ask if the gym offers any special seminars or classes, such as Olympic lifting, CrossFit endurance, yoga and nutrition.
Trust your gut.
I don’t care if it’s the most popular CrossFit gym in the world, or the tiniest box literally operating out of a storage container: if something about the gym doesn’t feel right for you, don’t go there. Your gym needs to feel welcoming and comfortable. It needs to be a place where you can focus on your individual fitness, void of unnecessary drama or intimidation. Most of us who CrossFit spend a lot of time in the gym; it provides our daily exercise, our social life, our stress relief. If you walk into a gym and your “spider senses” tingle that, “gee, this seems weird to me,” or, “I could really love this place,” chances are, you’re right.

Skill / Strength

Back Squat

15 Min


50- Air Squats
7- Power Snatch RX=135/95

3- Rounds for time


50- Pistol Squats (Alternating, 25 each leg)
7- Burpee, Bar Muscle-Up
5- Power Snatch RX= 135/95

3- Rounds For Time

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