WOD 4/23/14

23 Apr

em>Wednesday April, 23 2014 Robyn Bishop performs the Squat Clean

Skill / Strength

1-Power Clean
1-Hang Power Clean
1-Hang Squat Clean
1-Full Squat Clean

* All 4 movements are to be done consecutively and unbroken to count as 1 Repetition.

(5×1) 1-1-1-1-1

20- Min


3- Squat Clean RX=185/125
5- Strict H.S.P.U.
7- C2B “Chin-Up”
9- Rolling Burpees

5- Rounds

For Time

Aux WOD:

To be done by Athletes planning on competing this season.
At an additional time outside of “Class time”

5- Bench Press (Body weight) Be sure to have a spotter!
1- Rope Climb

12- Min AMRAP

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