WOD 3/3/15

03 Mar

em>Tuesday March 3,192014

Join Us this Saturday at the Arnold Fitness Expo, where we will have several of us competing for the title of “The First Ever, PowerX Champoin”
The PowerX Championships will be held at the Rhodes Center at the Ohio State Fairgrounds on Saturday, March 7 from 12pm – 4pm.

One full day of competition includes each athlete completing their repetitions in all three activities: The Power Clean, The Bench Press and The Deadlift. Athletes are allowed one performance of 20 reps or 3 minutes whichever comes first. Real-Time Scoring will be posted during the event after each performance. Competitors can calculate their standings against other lifters. Each athlete will only perform the lift-activity ONCE for up to 20 repetitions or 3 minutes (whichever comes first). Performance scores will immediately be posted. Athletes can rest/recover and watch their competitors as each activity event progresses.

The contest platform will have the barbell loaded for each different activity. The order of the athletes is determined by athletes selecting a number for the Power Clean, and then a mathematical formula is used to determine the order for the bench press and deadlift. Lifters will approach the platform when their name is called and their weight-of-choice is loaded. Once the competitor finishes their repetitions for the given lift their score is recorded and the next weight is loaded on the platform for the next lifter. Referees and spotters will surround the lifter to count and qualify repetitions and ensure safety. Once all athletes have finished one performance of the given lift, they are given a 5 minute rest until the next lift begins.

The lifters final score is calculated by multiplying reps times weight for each lift, and those scores are combined for an overall total and categorized into the body weight divisions.

Skill / Strength

Muscle-Up Choose your personal goal and establish an EMOM for 10- Min


100 – Double-Unders (cash-in )

*10 – Burpees
*10 – Alternating Pistol Squats (5, each leg)
*10 – Hand Release Push-Up
*10 – Ab Mat Sit-Up

5- Rounds, Then

100 – Double Unders (cash-out)

For Time

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