WOD 3/19/14

19 Mar

em>Wednesday March, 19 2014

“Check out the Leaderboard”

We can compare ourselves to other athletes, see how we stack up in our city, state or Region, and take a look at past performances we’ve logged. All in an effort to improve.
The Leaderboard, however, was never intended to create drama. When it does, we’re doing it wrong.
It’s healthy to glance at your 189-rep 14.1 score and wish it was 250. It’s great to make plans to be better if the same workout comes calling again next year. It’s even cool to find a rabbit and go hunting. What sucks, is when something so simple and beneficial, becomes the source of suffering.
Getting mad instead of motivated is like getting pissed at the car because it ran out of gas. We knew the tank was empty, but instead of filling up when we had the chance, we tried to coast on fumes.
It’s not the car’s fault we’re stranded anymore than it’s the Leaderboards fault we suck at double-unders. Or that it shows us who’s really good at chest-to-bar pull-ups.
To get the most out of the Leaderboard, click with a purpose and remember who you were when you started CrossFit. The data it provides can promote or paralyze; we decide.

Strength/ Skill

1- High Hang Snatch (Pockets)
1- Hang Snatch (Knees)
1- Snatch (Floor)

EMOM = 10 Min


“Flight Simulator”


* Every Min you must stop and perform 1 Rep Snatch at the weight used for the Skill segment..
Coaches choose if that weight was sufficient enough for the WOD.
* If you have to stop in the middle of a “flight” to Snatch, you must start that “flight” over after the Snatch
is successfully completed.
* You must “Break” after every “flight”.
* If you have been here less than 3, months and cannot yet get double-Unders, Your scale is Double each “Flight” and do Single’s, IE, 5-Doubles would be 10-singles instead, and so on.. If you have been CrossFitting more than 3 Months and still cannot perform Double-Unders (lack of practice) your scale is 1/2 the “flight” worth of Burpees. IE..5-doubles would be 2-Full Burpee, and 1- 1/2 Burpee (Up/Down), and so on…

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