WOD 2/27/14

27 Feb

em>Thursday February, 27 2014

“Why you should register for the CrossFit Open”
That title up there is really a mantra of sorts for myself. I am going through a really large and exhausting “not feeling good enough” phase. And frankly, I am tired of it. I am so tired of it I am going to shut myself up by signing up for something that will scare me, beat me up, chew me up, and spit me out. My thought is that by forcing myself to push my limits when I am “not feeling good enough” something magical might happen and I will realize I am better and stronger than I was giving myself credit for. See, that is one of the many reasons we all love CrossFit and keep coming back for more- it has a way of beating us down while lifting us up. It forces us to dig deep within ourselves and realize that timid little voice in our head can become a fierce growl if we give it the power to. Now, that I have given myself a pep talk, I’m going to tell you (yes, you) why you need to sign up for the 2014 CrossFit Open as well:

1. You will be doing the WOD’s anyway, so you might as well track them and represent PHIT in the process.

2. Even if you can’t go Rx in a single WOD, you will surprise the hell out of yourself by what you will achieve.

3. It continues to foster the amazing community that we cherish at PHIT!

4. It connects us, ever so briefly, with the “professionals” of our sport.

5. You are recording a baseline and you can look back at your scores a year from now and marvel at how far you’ve come.

6. You get a chance to step out of that comfort zone and conquer something that might seem scary.

7. Even if you don’t have a competitive nature, you will enter competition mode.

8. The atmosphere at the box is a thing to behold when we are all working simultaneously to tackle whatever beast of a WOD is thrown at us.

9. Humility in victory and grace in defeat will take on new meaning.

10. You will finish the open with a sense of accomplishment and a new found respect and admiration for your ability.

Now what are you waiting for? today is the last day, the first workout is announced tonight..


Squat Snatch

1 Rep (attempt) every 30 Seconds

Select a weight that is manageable
And can be executed with minimal effort. Today’s Skill is designed for technical development only. We aren’t wanting muscular trauma by way of overloading the body with heavy weights.

Every missed attempted or “power” receipt , will be punishable by 20 double- Unders at the conclusion of today’s WOD.

10- Min.


100 double Unders (5:00cap)

Deadlifts (185/135)

Reps for time
10 minute cap

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