WOD 2/23/15

23 Feb

em>Monday February 23,192014

Whats Happnin this week at PHIT?

Monday: Social Bar Preparation begins. Yep that’s right, we are putting in a “social” bar. Where you can hang out and get a refreshment such as a Pre-Workout Spark, a Post workout rehydration or Recovery concoction. We’ll even be serving up some Protein Smoothie options…Yumm.

We could use a “runner”..A person who may have a membership to Sams club, or Costco for cases of beverages for the cooler, among other supplies for the Social Bar…Let us know if you can help us out with this..

If you are planning on competing in this years CrossFit Open, Be sure you arrange a time with one of the coaches ensuring that you have someone to validate your performance. We are trying to organize an opportunity for all of those who are able to perform 15.1 at 6:00 pm, Friday the 27th. We hope to have the “social Bar” up and in operation, for you to hang out and cheer for the athlete’s performing 15.1 this Friday evening!

Skill / Strength

Double-Unders Either you have em by now or you don’t..Here is one more chance to tighten them up before “the Open”.

Choose a difficult, personal number to attain EMOM for 10 Min. Try not to break and make sure to put down the rope between rounds.


Choose a difficult, personal number to attain EMOM for 10 Min of HSPU.

24- Min


“Baseline” x 2

50- Calories A.D.
40- Air Squats
30- Sit-Up
20- Push-Up
10- Pull-Up

Rest 5 Min then repeat.

Scored on both rounds individually.

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