WOD 2/14/14

14 Feb

em>Friday February, 14 2014
Partner WOD. today (Optional)


Partner Deadlifts:


1) Guy/Guy
2) Guy/Girl
3) Girl/Girl

Winning team in each category will receive a box of Spark!!

20 Min


200- Partner Pass Wall Ball Shots

* Every Break/Miss, or change in ball momentum (coach’s discretion) will result in:

10- Free Standing, Partner assisted H.S.P.U. for each person
10- Partner assisted Deadlifts

1) Guy/Guy–RX= 20lb Med Ball, 12′ Target & 315lb Deadlift
2) Guy/Girl–RX=20lb Med Ball, 10′ Target & 275lb Deadlift
3) Girl/Girl–RX=14lb Med Ball, 10′ Target & 215lb Deadlift

This has been a very tough week of workouts, Today is no exception! However Today’s workout is also supposed to be fun!
Its not about “Stacking” a team just to win, Its about finding a partner, that may mean scaling when you otherwise would not have to
in an effort to help someone out. Just have FUN! Don’t worry you will get a GREAT workout also!

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