WOD 2/11/14

11 Feb

em>Tuesday February, 11 2014

How to know if your lifting heavy (or light) weights..
Most people (sorry ladies, studies show you dominate this category) think they are lifting heavy weights, but actually are not.
There is no such thing as lifting weights to “Tone Up”. There is developing muscle, and burning fat to present it as “Lean”.
But how do you know if your lifting heavy enough to elicit the desired results?

1). If you choose a “Heavy” weight that you know without question that you can perform More than 10 Repetitions with, and stop at 10..Its to light to
force a change.
2). If you have never had to (briefly) hold your breath (see http://www.sportsandpt.com/index.cfm/page/Valsalva-Maneuver/cdid/10520/pid/10347) to finish
a heavy lift, its to light to force a change.
3). If you don’t get nervous before you pick it up..Its probably to light to force a change.
4). If you weigh more than 100lbs, and your kettlebell weighs less than 35lbs…Its to light to force a change.
5). If your not training with people pushing you to lift HEAVY Sh*t, your probably not lifting heavy enough to force a change.
6). (Women) If your afraid that lifting Heavy loads, long distance, over short periods of time will get you “Bulky”..Get a different trainer!
7). Heavy weights don’t “burn” when you lift them.. That’s High reps, and light weights…Sorry, No results to force a strength change.


WOD 2.11


Agility Drills

20 Min


5- C2B Pull-Ups
5- Box Hops
5- Min AMRAP

2-Min Recovery

5- Wall Walks
10- H.S.P.U.
15- Wall-Ball Burpees
20- Sit-Up

12 Min AMRAP

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