WOD 2/10/14

10 Feb

em>Monday February, 10 2014


Happy Monday. Hope everyone was able to stay warm and enjoy some time with family and good friends..


back Squat

E2MO2M = 10 Min


40- Back Squats 135/95
done in less than 2
Min To advance to:

50- Burpees
done in less than 4
Min To advance to:

100- Push-Ups
done in less than 5
Min To advance to:

Front Squat 135/95
Toes 2 bar
21-15-9. Reps done in less than 6
Min To advance to:

3 Min AMRAP of:
O.H.Squats 135/95

With a continuously running clock
Scored only on O.H. Squat reps

20 Min

RX= Keeping to the time limits allotted, Weight loads with exacting correct movement standards.

(Scale it by performing it as a 20 min chipper, or If you make it to the Overhead squats but didn’t keep to the time restraints, do as many overhead squats as remaining time allows before 20 min expires. Your objective is to scale wisely, to allow yourself a chance at some O.H. Squats )

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